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Driving Without Insurance

Driving without insurance is something that costs Americans many millions of dollars each year. Driving with no insurance is, unfortunately, a fairly common thing.?? In 2004 at least one in seven drivers was uninsured.?? Now, five years later, the number is one in six.?? Are you one of them?

Buying auto insurance is not cheap.?? It is, however, necessary, and in 48 states, it is the law.?? Anyone who has ever been in an accident that is the fault of an uninsured driver understands why driving without insurance is wrong.?? When you choose to be uninsured, you are taking a chance on not being able to replace your car if it is destroyed, not to mention having unpaid medical bills due to injuries obtained in an accident.?? In short, you are literally risking financial devastation.?? You are also risking the same for the person you hit.?? Are you one of the uninsured?

Liability insurance, which is the commonly the purchase choice for persons having financial difficulty, ensures that if you cause an accident, the other person’s medical and vehicle repair expenses will be paid for.?? This is the minimum allowed by law in most states.?? Other levels of coverage, including coverage that supplies a replacement rental car if need be, are also available.?? Due to the vast numbers of uninsured drivers, many companies are offering uninsured and underinsured protection to consumers.

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Many question the fairness of asking motorists responsible enough to buy auto insurance to take on the additional burden of uninsured insurance.?? However, with nearly seventeen percent of motorists uninsured nationally, and some states as high as twenty nine percent, fairness might not be as important as necessity.?? Nearly twenty five percent of all vehicle accidents involve uninsured drivers.?? That adds up to a very high price tag with no one to pay it.

Who are all these people driving without insurance??? A great many of them are persons who cannot get insurance because of a suspended license due to DUI and other repeat infractions.?? A great many of them are folks who find themselves in financial difficulty and believe cutting insurance is a harmless way to save money.?? Still a great many others are people who just don’t have the money for insurance, and who don’t consider ???not driving’ to be an option.

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Because if this growing epidemic many states are having police set up insurance checks, which are very much along the lines of sobriety checks.?? Drivers unable to produce proof of car insurance receive very substantial fines.?? This might be a deterrent for some, but if a driver has no money or has no social conscience, it is unlikely that a hefty fine will be paid either.

Driving without insurance carries a huge risk potential for the driver and for anyone else on the road.?? Are you the one in six??? One of the 16.67 percent who choose to drive and put others at risk for financial jeopardy??? Consider the consequences.?? Consider the person whose car you wreck, who can’t afford to pay for your accident.?? Consider the increase in rates for all insured motorists because your numbers increase every year.?? Use your time and resources to find an insurance plan that will work with your lifestyle and money situation.?? Ask yourself, do you want to be one of them?

Many people who drive without car insurance do not understand the complete risks involved if an accident were to occur while opp operating a motor vehicle. Today, I was browsing youtube and found the perfect video explaining the importance of auto insurance as well as different types of coverage.

You can check it out here: